SEO Backlinks the Easy Way

Quickly and easily build high PR Backlinks with strong anchor text without leaving wordpress…

The SEO Backlinks Plugin was engineered to save you time and energy - here is how it works:

SEO Backlinks Builder plugin for wordpress
  • The plugin builds a list of your key phrases
  • The plugin generates a list of internal pages you can link to
  • Our team creates unique blog posts that contain your key phrases and anchor text
  • Your new blog posts and links are posted to our private network of high PR blogs
  • The plugin's built in reporting tracks your progress
  • Search Engine Optimization experts agree that links to your website from external sources (backlinks) play a major role in achieving page one search engine rankings. So much so that 4 of the top 5 search engine ranking factors in's latest survey of expert opinion on SEO are related to building backlinks.

    But there is a problem.

    Building external links to your website is difficult. Writing content, finding quality external sites and then publishing your content can chew up days, even weeks of your valuable time.

    SEO Backlinks Plugin slowly and carefully builds your backlinks so that you can focus your time on the other important things that will help your website build traffic and generate more money.

    A perfect compliment to SEO-all-in-one-pack.

    Most SEO plugins are designed to help you optimize your page titles, meta tags and internal links. SEO Backlinks Plugin is a perfect compliment to those tools and will help ensure that you quickly and easily achieve the search engine rankings that will make your break the success of your site.

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